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Tools for Torah Will Change
How Our Children Learn Torah

The Challenge

Twenty years of teaching Chumash, from grades 2 to 12 in a variety of schools has helped me realize that the level of children's success in Chumash study during their elementary school years has a profound effect on all subsequent learning and even in future participation in the Jewish community.

Not all students have a positive start to their Torah learning journey, mainly because of the lack of proper lesson structure, and the minimally available teaching tools and materials. Of the few students who do enjoy learning Chumash, fewer still acquire the skills they need to learn the Chumash independently, with its many layers of meaning and Mefarshim.

In the course of my research, I have made contact with principals, teachers and professors throughout the United States and Israel who verify that this is a widespread problem. Teachers from all over have expressed support for the development of a cohesive plan, including the necessary teaching aids and materials to enable our teachers to teach and students to learn Chumash effectively.

Other Materials Available

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Chanukah Cover

A brand new, beautifully-illustrated Chanukah Textbook/Workbook for grades 3-7.

The Chanukah book is available in 3 versions:
1. All Hebrew words transliterated in Ashkenaz pronounciation.
 All Hebrew words transliterated in Sefaradic Pronounciation.
3. All Hebrew words written in Hebrew


Chanukah's Greatest Hits: 8 Days - 8 Hits
Includes the Brachot for the Menorah and favorite Chanukah songs.
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