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Tishrei Tunes High Holy Day CD

A Musical Journey through the High Holy Days' Tefilot and melodies
sung by Rabbi C.B. Alevsky

The Tishrei Tunes CD contains 41 high holy tracks and is geared to the whole family;
Father, mother, big brother, little sister - even Bubby & Zaidy.

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To accommodate a wider audience, Tishrei Tunes has songs and Tefilot in both Sefardic and Ashkenazik pronunciations.

01 Ani Ledodi - Elul song

02 How Lucky we are - a song about how Hashem listens to our Tefilot - by Chanie Altein (Kalmanson)

03 Candle Lighting blessing - Lehadlik Ner Shel Yom Hazikaron / Shehecheyanu

04 Rosh Hashana Davening Theme Tune

05 Rosh Hashana Kiddush

06 Dip the Apple - song

07 Bracha - Borei Pri Ha'etz & Yehi Ratzon

08 Darkecha - Amida - Chazarat Hashatz song

09 Selected Avinu Malkeinus

10 Avinu Malkeinu Song 1

11 Avinu Malkeinu Song 2

12 Vayehi Binsoa Ha'aron - Song

13 Shema - Echad - Gadlu - Lecha

14 Yud Gimmel Midot - song

15 Vezot Hatorah

16 Eitz Chayim Hee - song

17 Brachah Lishmoah Kol Shofar & Shehecheyanu

18 Shofar Blasts

19 Kaddish - Mussaf Nusach

20 Bechayechon Rosh Hashana Nusach

21 Unetane Tokef - sample

22 B'rosh Hashana - sample / Uteshuvah...

23 Birchat Kohanim - traditional tune

24 Tashlich - Mi Kel Kamocha - read with music

25 Return Oh Return - Yom Kippur story in song

26 Birkat Habanim / Habanot

27 Bracha Lehadlik Ner shel Yom Hakipurim & Shehecheyanu

28 Kol Nidrei - sample lines

29 V'nislach

30 Vayomer 

31 Shehecheyanu

32 Shema - Baruch Shem aloud for Yom Kippur

33 Al Cheit - Samples

34 Neila - Shemah - Baruch - Hashem

35 Leshanah Haba'ah Song

36 A Sukkeleh - Everlasting Sukkah / Jew - inspiring song

37 Brachah Leshev BaSuccah - Shehecheyanu

38 Brachah on Lulav & Shehecheyanu

39 Sisu Visimchu - Simchat Torah song

40 Simchat Torah Songs Medley - Generic

41  Simchas Torah Songs Medley - Chassidic

Tishrei Tunes

Tishrei Tunes CD
41 High Holy Tracks!

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26-50 @ $4.50 each

51+ @ $ 4.00 each

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If you cannot hear the music, RIGHT MOUSE CLICK on the above link
choose SAVE (Target/Link) AS - save the file to your computer and play it.

Aside from the incredible deal on the price...

Why order the 
"Tishrei Tunes" CD?

With the limited time available in Hebrew School or Shul, we find it difficult to teach the kids and our congregants all the Tishrei songs and Tefilot.

Tishrei Tunes is responding to this challenge and will do all the work for you!

These pleasantly sung songs and Teffilot are professionally recorded on a full-color CD all accompanied by beautiful music from Chony - will help each student and congregant experience the Yamim Nora'im like never before.

Your student / congregant will know how to recite the appropriate Tishrei Brachot, sing along with the Chazan at key points in the Tefilla, and actually know how to SING the Simchat Torah songs while s/he is dancing to them.

Each Yom Tov's Section is preceded by a meaningful English song related to the Yom Tov.

Contact: RabbiCBA@gmail.com or (203) 887-6044