My Very Own Pesach Guide
All You Need To Teach Pesach to Grades 4 and Up!

  • New Updated Version of My Very Own Pesach Guide!
  • Successfully used in more than 100 day schools and Yeshivot over the past four years.
  • More than 65 pages of carefully researched material, with recognition of different Minhagim
  • English text, interspersed with some Hebrew, suitable for ages 8 - 108.
  • Informative content is enlived with many illustrations and easy-to-read charts, graphs and tables.
  • Questions and worksheets at the back of the book
  • Affordably priced so each child can have his/her own
  • Great tool for teaching adults in any setting

JOIN 100’s of Schools that are using and loving…
My Very Own Pesach Guide

Textbook & Workbook for grades 4-7
New “Fixed Edition (2.0)!
It’s all you need to teach Pesach!

Laws, Customs and ALL ABOUT PESACH
An accompaniment to the class Haggadah!

Parents will also love this royal colored book! From Nissan Through the laws of the Omer! With New Features!

Pesach: Our Personal Journey To Freedom; Inspiring lessons from Pesach & Simanei HaSeder, Lyrics to Pesach Songs, Sefirah Charts and more!

Gift your teachers & Students! This book will cut your teachers’ prep timthe to a fraction of what it would otherwise be! 

“MY VERY OWN PESACH GUIDE” Textbook/Workbook “Fixed Edition (2.0)” is jam-packed with 85 pages of Pesach Laws, Customs, Charts, Illustrations & Information!

Accompanied by 280 REVIEW QUESTIONS and charts in the back of the book.

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11-25@$7.00 each -
26 & up@$6.00 each
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Click here to see a Condensed, Translated Version of the Pesach Guide, for your Shiurim or Hebrew School

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