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Sponsorship and Dedication Opportunities
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Please help make this a realty and dontate to this important cause. For your convenience, you may donate right here using any credit card. Please click the buttom below and send in your generous donation!
Thank you!

If you are serious about helping Children Learn Torah - and able to help financially, please consider the tremendous positive impact this program will have on our future generations.

Our plan is to have up to 20 teachers and educators working on this project for on a full time or part time basis. The maximum success and benefit will be if expert teachers who are passionate about making a difference will be afforded the opportunilty to do so.

The teacher may be willing to leave the classroom for one year to devote him/herself 100% towards this worthy cause, or work on this program part-time while teaching for a portion of the day. Either way, we need the funds to support the teachers for the time they are not teaching.

Please join our "Sponsor A Teacher" program in which you sponsor a teacher for one year. Encourage your friends to do the same.

If you are not able to Sponsor a Teacher - then please send in whatver you can.

Thank you!

Rabbi Chayim B. Alevsky
 (203) 887-6044

Other Materials Available

My Very Own Pesach Guide
Pesach Guide
Updated Edition with new features & info!



Greatest Hits of Pesach CD
Pesach CD

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My Very Own Yom Tov Guide
New! Updated Tishrei Edition 3.0
Tishrei Guide


Tishrei Tunes CD
41 High Holy Tracks!

Tishrei CD
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Chanukah Cover

A brand new, beautifully-illustrated Chanukah Textbook/Workbook for grades 3-7.

The Chanukah book is available in 3 versions:
1. All Hebrew words transliterated in Ashkenaz pronounciation.
 All Hebrew words transliterated in Sefaradic Pronounciation.
3. All Hebrew words written in Hebrew


Chanukah's Greatest Hits: 8 Days - 8 Hits
Includes the Brachot for the Menorah and favorite Chanukah songs.
CLICK for sample songs, lyrics, and to download Chanukah hits! 


Visit Chinuch.org, where you can download many files free of charge from these books and other teaching aids.

Contact: RabbiCBA@gmail.com or (203) 887-6044