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Our Mission

In a perfect world children would be as enthusiastic about learning Torah as they are about playing their Xboxes and PlayStations. A dream? Very soon, with Hashem’s help, through your input and support, it will be a reality.

With the help of Hashem, “Tools For Torah” will provide Jewish Day Schools and Yeshivot with a dynamic, transformative curriculum - including all the necessary accompanying materials and tools, which carries a child from pre-Chumash readiness to independent and enthusiastic Chumash learning, along with an appropriate level of ease and familiarity with the classic Torah Commentators. 

“Tools For Torah” will consist of a logical progressive curriculum, enabling the Educator to become the Enthusiastic Torah Teacher. Students of all kinds will transform into eager, motivated and challenged learners, through a variety of effective and meaningful learning activities, striving to advance their ability to master independent Chumash study.

Our Mission is to provide teachers with the tools to develop motivated and skilled Chumash students.

Other Materials Available

My Very Own Pesach Guide
Pesach Guide
Updated Edition with new features & info!



Greatest Hits of Pesach CD
Pesach CD

CLICK HERE TO read more and order Pesach CD!


My Very Own Yom Tov Guide
New! Updated Tishrei Edition 3.0
Tishrei Guide


Tishrei Tunes CD
41 High Holy Tracks!

Tishrei CD
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Chanukah Cover

A brand new, beautifully-illustrated Chanukah Textbook/Workbook for grades 3-7.

The Chanukah book is available in 3 versions:
1. All Hebrew words transliterated in Ashkenaz pronounciation.
 All Hebrew words transliterated in Sefaradic Pronounciation.
3. All Hebrew words written in Hebrew


Chanukah's Greatest Hits: 8 Days - 8 Hits
Includes the Brachot for the Menorah and favorite Chanukah songs.
CLICK for sample songs, lyrics, and to download Chanukah hits! 


Visit Chinuch.org, where you can download many files free of charge from these books and other teaching aids.

Contact: RabbiCBA@gmail.com or (203) 887-6044