Dear Teacher / Educator:

Imagine if you had an expert Davening teacher helping your students / congregants Daven and Bentch...

Imagine if you were able to choose a chant or a tune, for the common Tefilot...

Imagine if you could “just press play” and have your students and Teacher or congregant, Daven and Bentch along with a gentle Davening voice accompanied by very sweet, professional Davening music by CHONY!

Imagine if your students/congregants could practice a specific Tefila at home, at work, in the car or in the yard - on their ipods...

Now stop imagining...
and click here to hear a collage of the 64 tracks on the Brand New TEFILAH TRAX!  

And click HERE to hear the Bentching Trax!

If you cannot hear the music, RIGHT MOUSE CLICK on the above links
choose SAVE (Target/Link) AS - save the file to your computer and play it.

Tefilah Trax & Bentching Trax are available in CD form and DOWNLOAD. 

Order the DOWNLOAD VERSION, and join the  Hebrew Schools and Shuls that are choosing the Tefilot they want – for their perspective audiences, downloading them and burning their own CDs, or sending their students/congregants to the webpage to practice specific Tefilos.

Customizable CDs are also available, with your choice of tracks and personalized label.

Tefilah Tracks includes 3 versions of Modeh Ani, the complete text of the Brachos, 2 versions of Ma Tovu, a lively Adon Olam, Baruch She'amar, Ashrei (1) Haleuka, Yishtabach, La'Kel Baruch,  Shema, the complete Shmone Esrei, Ein Ke'Elokeinu, Aleinu and Al Tirah.

Bentching Trax contains the 3 types of Bentching, Birkat Hamazon, Me'ein Shalosh and Borei Nefashot, along with all the Brachot on all kinds of food and some explanation.

Tefilah Trax & Bentching Trax is chanted and sung by Rabbi Chayim B. Alevsky, in Havara Sefaradit, and Nusach Ari, with Music by Chony.

If you  are interested in having this CD customized for your Nusach and pronunciation, please contact me (contact info below).

See the complete list of tracks and order yours HERE:   

A similar style Shabbat Davening CD is in the making.

The cost for your access to the Online Tefilah Tracks is a one-time charge of $10, which allows you to download, share and copy - amongst your very own School / Shul. (Shipping is free ;-) 

Other Hebrew Schools / Shuls are encouraged to order their very own online access.

After your Tefilah Tracks payment is processed, you will be directed to the Tefilah Trax or Bentching Trax Download page.

While you are at it... now may be a good time to think about ordering your "Pesach's Greatest Hits" CD (Click here to listen) to ensure your students REALLY KNOW the Ma Nishtana and all other Pesach songs, along with My Very Own Pesach Guide: Textbook/Workbook, (See sample pages here) wonderful for Day schools, or your very own Shiurim.



Please contact me with any questions, comments or suggestions at  or call my cell:203 887 6044.

Thank you  - Rabbi Chayim B. Alevsky