This is the LIST of the Brichat Hamazon CD:
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NEW versions of these CDs are in the making for the New Editions of MY SIDDUR.

There are 5 CDs:   Tefilah Trax 2    Bentching Trax 2    Friday Night     Shabbat Day     Holiday Trax
The current CD has many of the prayers in the New editions of My Siddur - but the track #s do not match.

01 Intro. to Bentching Trax

02 Shir Hama'alot

03 Hazan Et Ha'olam

04 Nodeh Lecha

05 Ve'al Hakol

06 Rachem

07 Ritzei for Shabbat

08 Uvenei

09 Harachamans until Eliyahu

10 Harachaman of Eliyahu Song

11 Harachamans from Avi - Mimarom

12 Harachaman Hu Yezakeinu

13 Yiru Et Hashem – End of Bentching

14 Al Hamichya

15 Borei Nefashot

16 Shir Hamalot Song 02

17 Shir Hamalot Song 03

18 Mezuman

19 Intro. to 3 Types Bentching

20 Info. Birchat Hamazon

21 Info. Al Hamichya

22 Info. Fruits

23 Info. Wine & Grape Juice

24 Info. Borei Nefashot

25 Intro. Brachot Before Food

26 Bracha Hamotzie

27 Bracha Hagafen

28 Bracha Mezonot

29 Bracha Ha'etz

30 Bracha Ha'adamah

31 Bracha Shehakol