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TAG613, Inc.

TAG is an acronym for Torah Avoda & Gemilut-Chasadim
The 3 Pillars of the world: Torah, Prayer and Acts of Kindness.

Mission Statement:
TAGís mission is to assist Jewish People
of all ages and backgrounds
in their lifeís journey by:
      Increasing awareness, understanding and practice
of the Torahís lifestyle and traditions.
      Enabling people to develop their knowledge and skills
in Torah study and prayer.
      Helping people and families in need, [also] including the
hospitalized, homebound and elderly.

Jewish tradition teaches that our world stands upon three pillars:
Torah Study, Prayer and Acts of Loving-Kindness.

Our goal is to help generate an awareness of our rich heritage, a deeper understanding and appreciation of our Torah and traditions,
and to help those in need, materially, emotionally and spiritually.

We create Jewish awareness products that creatively communicate
vital messages of Judaism.

We develop educational and skill building materials,
enabling children and adults to recite prayers,
study Torah and learn about Jewish traditions,
in all forms of media, print and digital.

We serve our community with Torah study groups,
interactive Jewish musical experiences and help the disadvantaged, ill and elderly
with friendship, social services and financial aid.

Please make your checks payable to:

TAG613, Inc.
45 W86 St. #6
NY, NY, 10024

Thank You!

any of our educational materials in honor or memory of a loved one
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RABBI CHAYIM B. ALEVSKY - info@tag613.org - (203) 887 6044

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