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Wouldnt you like your students or children to KNOW the Brachot for lighting the Menorah? How about Maoz Tzur...? Sevivon? etc. etc.

Here you have the perfect list of the most common Chanukah Songs.
Once you get your link, you may share it with all your students.

Click HERE to listen to a SAMPLE mix of all these tunes.
If you cannot hear the music, RIGHT MOUSE CLICK on the above link
choose SAVE (Target/Link) AS - save the file to your computer and play it.

1 Brachot
2 Maoz Tzur
3 Oh Chanukah
4 Yimei haChanukah
5 Sevivon
6 Dreidel
7 Banu Choshech 
8 All Hanissim

Includes a Beautiful Song Sheet for all the Chanukah Tunes!
Brachot and Lyrics in Hebrew and English, Translated and Transliterated.

See a SAMPLE of the Songsheet HERE

These songs are only available online as a download.
We do not have CDs for Chanukah Tunes at this time.

After you complete your payment below,
you will be directed to an almost identical page,
with working links for all the above songs and songsheets.

You can copy the Song Page link onto your website for others to click,
or you c
an email it to your students.
You can make your own CD if you wish by downloading the songs and saving them to CD.

You will not get a CD in the mail.

Please read this carefully to make sure you get to the song page.

When you complete your payment,
you will be re-directed to the Chanukah Hits song page.

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 Thank you and Happy Chanukah!
 - Chayim