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What It's All About


Key to the process will be aiding teachers in assessing the needs of their class as a whole, as well as individual students. Tools for Torah will also provide the support for meeting these needs by providing resources as well as opportunities for mentorship and collaboration.


Customize and Create

Via the World Wide Web, teachers will access a unique, easily customizable resource that will help them efficiently generate all the tools and materials needed to assess their classes and tailor their Torah teaching to the varying skills and interests of their students. Based on the teacher's input, the teacher will be guided to recommended activities, available on the site for download in print, audio, video, SmartBoard and computer applications. These materials and activities will be created by the Tools for Torah team. Teachers will then customize their online lesson plans, with the options to store their lesson plans online, and with the ability to modify as needed. These plans will be also shared online, for the benefit of other teachers.



The incorporation of a Learning Management System will help keep track of both the teacher's chosen curriculum and the children's progress to ensure that goals are adequately achieved. Teachers will be able to assess the students' progress and generate individualized reviews and tests for the students, based on their profiles. Students will login for their individualized, saved profiles, and the program will monitor and provide reinforcement tools to improve their knowledge and skill development.


Tap into the World Of Teachers

Teachers from all over the world will be encouraged to contribute materials to the site (with compensation for their contributions). Submitted materials will be carefully evaluated, and high caliber submissions will be indexed and added to the site.

Recordings of the Chumash and Rashi in the original Hebrew and translated into English will also the available on the site, as well as other independent study resources. Videos of teachers teaching master lessons will be available for online viewing. Live, teaching seminars from expert educators will frequent the site, along with the teachers’ comments and discussion forum.

As a virtual Community of Practice, Tools for Torah will breathe new life into Jewish Studies classroom everywhere. Tapping into the knowledge and creativity of hundreds of other instructors, teachers will enhance their Chumash classes through fun games, exciting collaborative learning, thought-provoking discussion starters and innovative technology. Our online discussion boards covering a wide range of educational tips and topics from teachers' input and experience will also be invaluable to the Torah teacher.


In Print

Tools for Torah will also offer customizable printed versions of its quality materials for schools and teachers to tailor to each class’ interest, along with the school name. Teachers will choose from the online teaching aids and materials, for Tools for Torah to print.

Other Materials Available

My Very Own Pesach Guide
Pesach Guide
Updated Edition with new features & info!



Greatest Hits of Pesach CD
Pesach CD

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My Very Own Yom Tov Guide
New! Updated Tishrei Edition 3.0
Tishrei Guide


Tishrei Tunes CD
41 High Holy Tracks!

Tishrei CD
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Chanukah Cover

A brand new, beautifully-illustrated Chanukah Textbook/Workbook for grades 3-7.

The Chanukah book is available in 3 versions:
1. All Hebrew words transliterated in Ashkenaz pronounciation.
 All Hebrew words transliterated in Sefaradic Pronounciation.
3. All Hebrew words written in Hebrew


Chanukah's Greatest Hits: 8 Days - 8 Hits
Includes the Brachot for the Menorah and favorite Chanukah songs.
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Visit Chinuch.org, where you can download many files free of charge from these books and other teaching aids.