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New Chalk Shabbat Challenge! Weekly $100 prize!

Hi Friends!
A few years back, we began chalking the Shabbat Candle Lighting times
with colorful candlesticks on the sidewalk near our home and in other public places,
while we distribute free Shabbat candles, on Fridays and Erev Yom Tov.

Passing people and others we meet later, often tell us how beautiful and helpful our chalks are,
reminding them about Shabbat and to light th
e candles on time.

Let’s spread the light of Shabbat to the world, with Jewish girls everywhere
Chalking Shabbat in their local areas.

This is our game plan:

When you are nominated to the ‪#‎LetsChalkShabbat‬ challenge, this is what you need to do! (Minimum requirements)

1. Draw three Shabbat candles (2 large and 1 small) on a sidewalk near you, sometime on Friday,
with the current candle lighting time (available@Chabad.org)

2. Give shabbat candles to at least three people on the go.

3. Post a picture of your ‪#‎ChalkShabbat‬ sidewalk, on our FaceBook page or Instagram page and tag us
#LetsChalkShabbat or email a picture to LetsChalkShabbat@gmail.com for us to post.
Let us know the area where your Chalked sidewalk is located.

4: Nominate 3 friends to do the same.

Let us know - and -
You will be entered into a weekly raffle to win a $100 Visa gift card.

Take the Chalk Shabbat Challenge, or donate $18 here
 to our organization
to help fund more mitzvot (& prizes) and spread more light!
(Paypal to LetsChalkShabbat@gmail.com).

The winner will be announced HERE on Motza’ei Shabbat (Saturday night).

***Sponsor*** the weekly $100 gift card, for a week, month, year, or more! 
Your name will be posted at the top of this page:

Based on the sponsorship generosity, we will be adding add more prizes and additional challenges, spreading more light!
Among the exciting plans to expand this are, G-d willing: to provide you with bright, high quality chalk and beautiful candle packets to distribute!
Donate Light Here or paypal LetsChalkShabbat@gmail.com to help fund this illumination.

Let’s get chalking and spread the Light!
...as it is stated…: in the end of times... "The streets themselves will talk..."

See photos on 
our FaceBook or Instagram pages.

- Warm regards from
the Alevsky girls of NYC
Contact us at LetsChalkShabbat@gmail.com